Woodside Energy’s Open Pipeline Forum – Atteris Discusses “Bridging the Gap”

This month, Atteris’ Managing Director, Eric Jas, was invited to present the objectives of the Crossway JIP at Woodside Energy’s Open Pipeline Forum. The Crossway JIP, initiated by Atteris, includes Woodside, Chevron Australia, and Energy Pipelines CRC as participants. The objective is to investigate the challenges faced when designing, operating and decommissioning shoreline and waterway pipeline crossings, and delivering a comprehensive engineering guideline to assist future designs and operation.

The forum heard how it had long since been a vision of Eric’s; industry expert in pipeline crossings, to write a guideline that would bridge the gap between offshore and onshore pipeline engineering which has led to many design, construction and operational issues. This critical interface location, often overlooked as being a marginal cost to a project, has resulted in some embarrassing situations for operators, contractors and the like as a result of inexperience, knowledge, and in some cases poor definition of code breaks, battery limits, and regulation.

The JIP certainly raised discussion within the forum. It was also communicated by one member of the JIP that the guidelines findings will also be included into the forthcoming revision of Australian Standard AS 2885 Pipelines – Gas and Liquid Petroleum later this year.