Habit Number 1 - Simplicity is the key to functionality

Example 1 - It doesn't always have to be FEA

"Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit" - Aristotle (384-322 BC)

Habit Number 2 - Dare to sketch

Example 2 - Pictures paint a thousand words

Habit Number 3 - Remember your innate skills

Example 3 - Why email when you can meet?

Vision, Mission and Values



To be the engineering company of choice by cultivating a high performing team culture.


To efficiently and consistently deliver outstanding professional engineering services.


  1. We embrace the diversity of our staff; and we foster amity, mutual respect and inclusion between work colleagues.

  2. We are genuinely interested in the development and wellbeing of our people.

  3. We will maintain high integrity in all areas and as such do not compromise on:

    1. the integrity of our engineering work

    2. behaviours in the workplace

    3. health, safety and environmental impact in our engineering work and in the workplace.

  4. We will deliver quality work by:

    1. offering the best answer we can give

    2. always doing our best and demonstrating good work ethics.

  5. We will listen to our clients, seek to understand them, and correctly respond to their needs.

  6. We will lead in the Technology Curve; we will be innovative and up to date

  7. We will contribute to the community as a responsible corporate citizen.



We believe the Atteris brand is one of high integrity within the engineering community, however we also recognise that we are a part of a bigger community and as such will support and share our knowledge, and as such we take our role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously. Atteris is actively involved in many community indicatives via sponsorships, leadership, and participation by volunteers in support of charity events. The oil and gas industry is well known for its safety management and is an industry leader. Within the industry we are used to planning and managing health and safety risk however during our community work we have seen room for improvement and often take the initiative to lead the process in health and safety hazard identification in the planning of charity events we participate in; not only ensuring the safety or our own people but also that of the other volunteers, and the public in general. We are proud to be able to use are skills from the oil and gas industry in the community work we participate in.