Harriet Bravo Life Extension


Quadrant Energy Australia Limited own and operate the Harriet Bravo development. The development consists of two main pipelines and three platforms located in the North West of Western Australia.

Over the operational life of the assets the operating conditions of the pipelines have changed significantly from the original design, in particular the change in producing gas through to utilising gas lift to assist in product recovery.

Due to the extended operational phase of the assets an extension to the Harriet Bravo pipelines design life was required.

Work Performed by Atteris

A life extension for the Harriet Bravo Oil Line and the Harriet Bravo Gas Line was undertaken as per ISO/TS 12747. Assessment of the pipeline current condition, operational history and predicted future operational conditions was undertaken. This assessment allowed the risks for future operations to be determined and ensure that suitable measures were in place to manage these risks within ALARP. Atteris determined that the pipeline would be fit for purpose during the extended operational period.


The benefits of the work performed by Atteris to this client were to allow the ongoing operation of their current assets. The life extension assessment considered the through life operating conditions of the assets including a change in service. The change in service resulted in more controlled operating conditions for the asset and hence enabled a positive outcome of the life extension assessment for the client.