Jas, E., Harvey, C., (2013), “Expanding APIA’s Pipeline Engineer Training Program – Offshore Competencies”, 47th Annual Convention of the Australian Pipeline Industry Association, Adelaide

In 2010 APIA (Now the Australian Pipelines & Gas Association, APGA) published its Pipeline Engineer Competency Standards, which set out the definitions of competency across the breadth of pipeline engineering roles. It identified 230 Competencies and wrote up 91 of these in detail. However, these Competency Standards, while they left a place marker for offshore pipeline engineering, were focused on onshore pipelines reflecting the bulk of APIA’s membership. Since then there has been increasing interest and involvement in APIA by the offshore industry, so much so that a group of key offshore participants have banded together to identify the competencies needed for offshore pipeline engineering and draft them into a set of Competency Standards for offshore pipeline engineers.

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