World Pipelines – February 2011 – The Reindeer Shore Crossing Project

Apache Energy Limited is developing the Reindeer gas field that is located on the Northwest Shelf of Western Australia. The project is a joint venture between Apache Energy and Santos, with 40% of the gas intended for domestic use and the remainder contracted to Chinese group Citic Pacific. The development includes a 102 km long, 16 in. diameter subsea pipeline between an unmanned offshore gas production platform and the shore crossing location. The shore crossing is made via a 1.85 km long HDD in the vicinity of 40 Mile Beach at a location called Gnoorea Point. An 11 km long onshore pipeline will transfer the raw gas and condensate to the new Devil Creek gas plant, located approximately 45 km southwest of Dampier, Western Australia. The gas plant is expected to initially supply 100 million ft3 of dry natural gas and 80 000 litres of condensate per day.

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