Woodside PoG Pipelines Engineering Assessments


Woodside Energy Limited operates the Perseus gas field located approximately 20 km North-East of the Goodwyn A platform, on the North West Shelf off Western Australia. The field consists of four subsea wells tied back to the GWA platform.

Work Performed by Atteris

Atteris was initially engaged to perform a review of survey data for the PoG flowline spoolpieces to evaluate for signs of axial walking. During this process it was determined that as-built dimensions were not used in the original survey comparison, resulting in considerable discrepancy in the survey results originally provided to Woodside. Using a combination of the survey data and as-installed coordinates of fixed references, Atteris derived the correct as-built dimensions of the spools, and using this information, were able to accurately assess the flowlines for signs of axial walking.

Based on the results of this work, detailed engineering assessments have been performed on two spoolpieces. A combination of Abaqus and Autopipe Finite Element Analysis (FEA) softwares were used to accurately model the behaviour of the flowline during shutdown/startup cycles, and the effect that these cycles had on the spoolpieces


Through detailed engineering assessments of the Perseus over Goodwyn (PoG) flowlines,  Atteris were able to provide an accurate evaluation of the current status of the assets, as well as recommendations on the remaining operational life to ensure safe operation.