Woodside Pipeline IMM Plan Updates


Inspection, Monitoring and Maintenance Plans are established in accordance with the Woodside production maintenance and inspection processes, and involve a risk management approach in determining inspection, monitoring and maintenance requirements. Specific requirements arising from Pipeline Licences, Legislation or other external sources are incorporated into the Plans. The Plans are developed for each subsea and pipeline facility, and these provide a ‘roadmap’ for the global inspection, monitoring and maintenance requirements specific to that facility. It is a requirement that the Plans are updated in accordance with a given schedule.

Work Performed by Atteris

A total of five Pipeline IMM Plans were completely re-formatted and expanded to include a significantly greater level of detail, including the incorporation of all pipeline system modifications and the latest engineering assessment results. The activities included:

  • Reviews of the pipeline Risk Based Inspection Reports and incorporation of the damage-loop structure into the IMM plans.
  • Discussions and reviews with Woodside’s pipeline operations team in order to confirm actual practices for process monitoring, and accurate references for anomaly criteria and process data.
  • All anomaly acceptance criteria was reviewed and re-worded to be objective and as precise as possible.


The updated pipeline Inspection, Monitoring and Maintenance Plans achieve the following:

  • Improved alignment with the Risk Based Inspection process.
  • Clarity regarding operational practices.
  • Streamlined anomaly reporting via un-ambiguous language for acceptance criteria.
  • Ease of reference for pipeline design details.
  • Thorough coverage of modifications and additions to pipeline systems.
  • Current acceptance criteria using the latest engineering results.