Onshore Business Manager

Thomas leads Atteris’ onshore team which offers engineering for pipelines crossing difficult areas such as shorelines, waterways, and escarpments. His expertise includes conventional pipeline crossing construction methods and trenchless designs such as HDD and tunnelling. Combined with his subsea pipeline stabilisation design knowledge, Thomas provides seamless onshore to offshore pipeline interfacing throughout the pipeline life cycle.


Thomas was born and raised in Western Australia and graduated from Curtin University with a bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Construction Engineering. Thomas has worked for Atteris for over 13 years and recently received a Diploma of Management. His main focus has been on pipelines ranging from outfalls to major trunklines, in near shore, shore approach and onshore crossing locations. Much of his work has involved pipelines on WA’s northwest shelf, but his career has also taken him from the Victorian and Queensland outback to Southeast Asia and throughout Europe. He has enjoyed a range of roles including site surveys for concept development, leading design teams to deliver engineering packages, and supervising pipeline construction and maintenance work on behalf of clients.

Industry Involvement

Thomas has been a member of the APGA WA Chapter Committee for several years, including key roles such as Chair and Secretary.

He is actively involved in the Energy Pipeline Co-operative Research Centre, having worked on multiple research projects. He also sits on the steering committee for the Advanced Design and Construction of Energy Pipelines research program.

Thomas represents Atteris on the APGA Research and Standards Committee, and in 2015 was awarded a scholarship to attend the 20th Joint Technical Meeting held between the European Pipeline Research Group and the Pipeline Research Council International.


Thomas has authored a range of articles and papers, and regularly presents at industry events such as the Australian Oil and Gas Convention and for the Australian Corrosion Association. Some of his publications include:

  • The Reindeer Shore Crossing Project, World Pipelines, February 2011
  • The Pluto LNG Project, World Pipelines, January 2011
  • Managing pipeline crossings: industry establishes best-practice guidelines, Utility Magazine, October 2015
  • CROSSWAY JIP: An Engineering Guideline for Crossings, The Australian Pipeliner, March 2016
  • To Pre-Trench or Post-Trench? That is the Question, World Pipelines, December 2016
  • Engineering Guidelines for Pipeline Shoreline and Waterway Crossings, APGA Convention, September 2018.