PTTEPAA Subsea Integrity Management System Revision


Located 690 km West of Darwin in the Timor Sea,  The Montara development comprises of a number of subsea and platform based wells operating since 2013. PTTEP were in the process of establishing their integrity management system and consulted Atteris as part of the continuous improvement process; so that a robust, integrated and fit for purpose system is presented for the life of field.

Work Performed by Atteris

Atteris was initially engaged to perform a review of the Montara Subsea Integrity Management System, to determine whether risks would be adequately reported, and to assess whether the system complies with the ISO 55001 Asset Management.

Atteris then prepared documentation required to define the Subsea Integrity Management System, the risk assessment methodology and developed a system to track the integrity status of the Montara subsea assets over its operating lifecycle. The subsea integrity management plan was also updated, and the method and process for post-cyclone inspections was optimised to reduce financial costs.

Atteris was engaged within PTTEPAA in an integrated team environment and utilised NEXUS-IC, Maximo, PI-Historian and Babelfish software suites to perform the work.


Through establishing a system to manage the integrity of Montara subsea assets, PTTEPAA has improved ability to manage its operating risks through the development of an integrated integrity management system.