Pipeline Asset and Integrity Management Documentation


During the design phase of your pipeline system, careful consideration to the way in which you want to operate and maintain your new asset is required. Pipeline Asset and Integrity Management Systems (AIMS) are a suite of documents which relate design and operating limits with, inspection frequencies and triggers, KPI’s, work flows and packages, plans and procedures, spares and tooling, assessment methods, and risk management amongst others. The AIMS is the keystone to longevity of your asset. Good asset and integrity management practices can also assist in the successful re-lifing should there be a requirement.

Work Performed by Atteris

Atteris has worked with a number of operators including Woodside, Chevron, Quadrant, ENI, and BHPB, in the Develop and / or Operating phase for the creation or enhancement of a Pipeline Integrity Management System. Atteris has the in-house expertise to develop and enhance the following typical AIMS documentation:

      • Inspection, Monitoring and Maintenance Strategy
      • Inspection, Monitoring and Maintenance Plans
      • Pipeline Repair Strategy
      • Pipeline Repair Plans
      • Pipeline Safety Cases
      • Pipeline Management Plans
      • Integrity Envelopes
      • System Line Diagrams

The process typically involves a thorough review of the system documentation, cross referencing with existing systems and procedures, identification of workflow gaps, facilitation of risk workshops and stakeholder engagement and buy-in.


Using the integrated Atteris business model which ensures the rounded development of its engineering team; greenfield design and operations support is combined to ensure project design risk is appropriately captured and managed by inspection and monitoring, SMART anomaly criteria, and tangible performance indicators. Atteris’ primary object is to ensure asset integrity whilst minimizing OPEX without compromising safety or environment.