Metocean Engineering


Metocean data is a vital design input for subsea and pipeline projects and operations. Atteris is unique in the industry for its combined expertise in all aspects of subsea and pipeline engineering, including detailed understanding of metocean data and its interpretation.

With Atteris working on your project, you can be assured that most of your metocean requirements can be covered in-house, including:

  • Interpretation and validation of metocean data
  • Metocean data optimisation studies
  • Scoping, managing and supervising metocean data programs for subsea and pipeline projects
  • Definition of metocean design data requirements
  • Umbilical and pipeline stability assessments
  • Umbilical, pipeline and riser fatigue assessments
  • Seabed material scour and liquefaction assessments.

Work Performed by Atteris

Examples of major projects where Atteris engineers have provided this service:

  • Chevron Australia’s Wheatstone Project
  • Woodside Energy’s Pluto LNG Project
  • Quantum Energy’s Reindeer/Devil Creek Project
  • Woodside Energy’s Otway Gas Project
  • Woodside Energy’s Browse Platforms Project
  • Woodside Energy’s Trunkline System Expansion Project
  • Woodside Energy’s Cossack North Project
  • Woodside Energy’s Lambert Deep Project
  • BHPB’s Angostura Project
  • BHPB’s Pyrenees Project
  • Woodside Energy’s North West Shelf Metocean Review Project.

In addition, Atteris engineers have provided this service on numerous other small and medium size offshore projects.


The benefit of being able to rely on a single engineering consultancy for subsea, pipelines and base metocean engineering reduces the need for an often complicated engineering interface.

Atteris engineers understand the limitations of their expertise and rely upon specialist consultants within the industry for the production of metocean design data from field measurements. Atteris engineers are able to lead these specialists due to their foundation metocean engineering expertise, in combination with knowledge of the overall design problem and what the solutions requirements are.