Strategy & Development Manager

Eric works closely with the General Manager and other members of the Atteris Leadership Team, focussing on the development and implementation of business strategies. Eric is also one of the focal points for client relationships and staff development.
In addition, Eric acts as a Principal Consultant on Subsea and Pipeline Projects and R&D Programs.


Eric is a civil engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in the pipeline industry, both offshore as well as onshore. In his career to date, he has worked for pipeline construction contractors, engineering design consultancies, as well as offshore oil and gas operators. His geographical experience covers Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America. Eric has been the initiator and design manager for several innovations and research and design programs in the subsea pipeline industry. This has included the development of improved pipeline on-bottom stability design methodologies, pipeline secondary stabilisation and protection designs, subsea scarp crossings, and pipeline shoreline and waterway crossings based on conventional open cut & cover, horizontal directional drilling and tunnelling. Eric is the founder of Atteris, and was its General Manager between 1999 and 2018.

Industry involvement

Eric is the chair of the AS 2885 Part 4 Subcommittee and is actively involved with the Australian Pipelines & Gas Association (APGA), Energy Pipelines CRC, the Society of Underwater Technology (SUT) , and is also a guest lecturer for the University of Western Australia. Eric is a proponent to bridge the gap between the onshore and offshore pipeline industries in Australia and globally. He has been achieving this through his involvement with APGA and Energy Pipelines CRC which has resulted in the development of the Offshore Pipeline Engineering Competency Standards and an engineering guideline for the design, construction, inspection and maintenance, and decommissioning of pipeline shoreline and river crossings.

Technical Papers

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