Contract and Construction Management Support


Atteris has many times provided contract and construction management support during and upon completion of their engineering design scope, by sharing its expertise and resources with its clients.

Work Performed by Atteris

Examples of major projects where Atteris engineers provided this service:

  • Chevron Australia’s Wheatstone Project
  • Woodside Energy’s Pluto LNG Project
  • Quantum Energy’s Reindeer/Devil Creek Project
  • Woodside Energy’s Otway Gas Project
  • Woodside Energy’s Trunkline System Expansion Project

In addition, Atteris engineers have supported numerous other small and medium size projects.

Contract management support has included:

  • Development of tendering and contracting strategies
  • Preparation of invitation to prequalification (ITP) and tender (ITT) documents
  • Review of prequalification and tender submissions.

Construction activities have included:

  • Offshore pipeline installation
  • Onshore pipeline installation
  • Subsea construction
  • Subsea pipeline stabilisation and protection
  • Shoreline crossings
  • Pipeline tunnels
  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • River/road crossing construction
  • Pre-commissioning, including flooding, gauging and hydro-testing
  • Pipeline freespan support
  • Scour protection around pipelines, subsea structures and gravity base platforms.


The engagement of Atteris engineers to assist with contract and construction management after they have been involved in the engineering design phase adds significant value to a client’s project:

  • The engineers understand the intricacies of the design, and can therefore ensure that critical elements of the construction are looked after properly.
  • The engineers’ involvement in construction management will add much value in the design phases of the next projects.