Brownfield Tie-In Concept Narrowing Study


Client’s Brownfield development plan includes various possible future phases, including tie-back of a new drill centre, tie-in of a compression facility (and its associated risers), and a number of subsea tie-backs from for other fields. Client engaged Atteris to assess the proposed future tie-in strategies and architectures to determine the installability of the concepts and identify opportunities for simplification and cost reduction.

Work Performed by Atteris

The scope included:

  • Concept identification and screening considering a large number of future development options and various simplification initiatives.
  • Concept definition in each development phase to confirm concepts are technically and functionally feasible.
  • Concept definition of construction and installation activities, isolation of existing live facilities, pre-commissioning activities and start-up activities to demonstrate that each future development phase is installable.


Atteris consolidated Client’s array of future Brownfield tie-back options, rapidly narrowing the number of future subsea architecture concept options to a shortlist of high value concepts.