Asset Lifecycle Business Manager

Allison is the discipline lead for risk and integrity management of offshore and onshore infrastructure throughout the asset lifecycle from design through to decommissioning.


Allison graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering) and Bachelor of Commerce (Management & Marketing). Her 20 years of experience in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand crosses a broad spectrum of roles with consultants, operators and installation contractors. Allison’s area of speciality is in the risk and integrity management of offshore and onshore infrastructure – oil and gas, and wind. She is a Chartered Professional Engineer, Fellow of Engineers Australia and on the register of Professional Engineers in Queensland, Australia.

Industry involvement

Sitting on the Chartered Professional Engineering Panel as an interviewer for the Oil and Gas Industry, Allison’s industry involvement doesn’t stop there. Her passion for engineering led her to establish the EngTalk Program for Engineers Australia. She is on the Board of Subsea Energy Australia and founded the WISE professional network. She regularly speaks at industry events and mentors other industry professionals.

Technical Papers

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