Woodside Subsea Pipeline Repair Plans


In December 2014 Woodside Energy Ltd revised its over-arching Subsea Pipeline Repair Strategy document. Woodside requested Atteris to revise five subsea pipeline repair plans as well as associated documentation and make recommendations for subsea pipeline repair acceleration opportunities which would reduce business risk.

Work Performed by Atteris

Through the course of 2015 Atteris’ engineering team:

  • Revised the subsea Pipeline Repair System Reference Information document and five subsea pipeline repair plan documents to reflect the current vendors, contractors and repair methodologies
  • Identified a number of repair schedule acceleration opportunities, specified the technical definition, estimated costs, and identified benefits for pre-investment in relation to minimising business risk

Several of Atteris’ identified acceleration opportunities which did not require further investment were incorporated into the repair plans and other documentation. Several business critical opportunities requiring pre-investment were carried over for internal review and development.


Atteris revised a number of Woodside’s subsea pipeline repair plans and associated documentation to reflect the current market of vendors, contractors and repair methodologies, and considering each pipeline’s business criticality. The updated plans will now, in the event of pipeline damage which leads to emergency repair, enable a quicker repair with less impact to production and further reduce the risk of long term pipeline damage due to exposure to raw seawater.