Nobody can do everything; we all can do something

Our world is continuously changing; everything is becoming faster paced by the day with the help of new technology as we are experiencing the 4th Industrial Revolution. With this inevitable progression comes additional pressure onto our natural environment.

Technological development and environmental protection can go hand in hand, as long as we are considerate. Our environmental consciousness has always been at the centre of Atteris’ work.

However, as an engineering company we believe it is not sufficient to just consider the environment in our work. Culture, locally and globally, is changing. More thought and consideration is being made to the world we will all leave behind for our children and their children. Evidence of this change in culture can be seen all over Perth in Western Australia with the rise in sustainable take-away coffee cup usage (supported by many responsible cafes), the Urban Orchard next to the Perth Train Station and the QV1 carpark rooftop garden (complete with bees and chickens).

At Atteris, we have made changes also. Over the past few months we have made a pledge to drastically decrease or even eliminate our waste. This environmental initiative was kicked off by Atteris’ Senior Engineer Nikki Gravestock, with an eye opening presentation on waste at the end of July 2017. As a result, kitchen waste is now separated into one of three bins – compost, for all organic waste; recycling, for all glass, hard plastic and metals; and the remaining landfill, (a very small bin which rarely gets half full). In less than four months since the compost bin was instigated Atteris has diverted over 250L of organic waste from landfill.

At Atteris we are committed to improving the world we live in, in every way possible.