Jas, E., Cheng, L., White, D., Palmer, A., Czajko, A., Fogliani, N., Fricke, R., Wei An, H., (2010) “A New Facility for Research on the Stability of Pipelines on Unstable Seabeds”, Offshore Pipeline Technology Conference 2010, Amsterdam, (OPT)

There is very strong evidence that in most locations the seabed becomes unstable and mobile before the design conditions for a submarine pipeline are reached. The conventional theory of stability takes the seabed as stable, and is therefore fundamentally flawed. This is an important issue for pipelines to the north-west of Australia, where violent tropical revolving storms occur and the sea is not particularly deep. The paper describes the construction and commissioning of a facility to investigate this question. Previous work has been carried out in wave flumes and U-tubes. The new facility has a different concept, and has a closed O-tube form, in which the oscillating and steady flows are driven by a propeller. A small version was completed in 2008, and the second and much larger facility was completed in late 2009.

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