O&G Journal – February 2014 – In a changing market, adaptability is the key

Atteris Pty Ltd Managing Director Eric Jas offers an insight into the engineering consultancy’s success.

The past ten years have seen a significant expansion in the number of kilometres of pipelines installed both onshore and offshore, in particular for the transport of natural gas. While this number is set to grow in the next few years, the market for design engineering consultants is experiencing a change. This is highlighted in the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics’ October, 2013 report, which states that “Australia is currently seeing a transition from the investment phase of the resources boom to the production phase as newly developed projects commence commercial production.”

In addition, the oil and gas industry continues to explore and develop, and successfully implement, new technologies. Floating LNG provides the industry with a potentially attractive alternative to conventional onshore development, precluding the need for pipelines from field to shore.

A business such as Atteris, which operates as a genuine pipeline design consultancy, offers exceptional opportunities to oil and gas and pipeline operators planning additional pipeline infrastructure, or needing to assess and maintain the condition of their existing pipeline systems. The company offers unrivalled expertise for those difficult areas, such as river/waterway crossings, crossings of intertidal flats and pipeline shore approaches. It aims to continue providing those unique engineering services nationally and internationally.

Looking back at the last decade, Atteris has consolidated its position in the market by consistently providing effective engineering solutions to challenging pipeline projects, both onshore, offshore and at the shore crossing. Noteworthy are those projects that won an Engineering Excellence Award from IEAust. They include the Trunkline System Expansion Project, the Otway Gas Project Shore Crossing, the Pluto LNG Project, the Gorgon Shore Crossing, the Alkimos WWTP and the O-tube Laboratory Testing Facility.

Atteris has designed most of the horizontal directional drilling shore crossings around Australia to date. It is the first company in Australia to have developed and engineered low-impact shore crossing and waterway crossing designs based on tunnelling techniques. The latter proves to be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for large diameter trunklines in challenging terrain.

Clients also know Atteris for its cost-effective and environmentally friendly subsea pipeline stabilisation design solutions on numerous projects. Atteris is proud to be the only design consultancy globally that owns and operates a three-dimensional pipeline stabilisation simulation software which has been validated by Det Norske Veritas. It is called Corus 3D and it was developed in-house by Atteris engineers, here in Australia. It is also unique in its application, because Atteris effectively takes into account seabed scour
in the numerical modelling.

Atteris’ focus for the future will be to continue offering design engineering services for full offshore pipeline systems as well as for river/waterway crossings in onshore pipeline routes. It is also placing more emphasis on providing brownfield engineering services, including asset integrity, given that many more pipeline kilometres are on the seabed now compared to ten years ago.

Development of its staff will always remain a key focus area for Atteris. Their development is fundamental to the continuation of the business and the industry in which it operates.

Partnering with competent and like-minded consultants will assist in providing a total engineering design package to those clients who prefer to limit the number of contracting parties on their developments. Atteris has done this very successfully in the recent past and its clients appreciate this approach very much.

Working with industry bodies such as the APGA and Australasian Corrosion Association, and with universities, will assist in improving the knowledge within and the standard of the pipeline industry. Examples are the collaboration Atteris has had with the University of Western Australia in relation to pipeline stabilisation studies, as well as its work with APGA and offshore operators in developing a comprehensive set of offshore pipeline engineering competency standards.

Atteris sees a great future for its business in an ever changing market of the exciting pipeline industry.

In a changing market, adaptability is the Key- Feb 2014

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