Dr Nicole Fiumana

Congratulations to Atteris Engineer, Dr Nicole Fiumana, who was recently awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Western Australia.

Nicole graduated with an Engineering Bachelors’ degree and a Master’s degree from the University of Bologna, Italy. She first moved to Perth Australia to undertake a research internship at the University of Western Australia’s Centre of Offshore Foundations (COFS) and Oceans Graduate School, with Professor Susan Gourvenec and Assistant Professor Britta Bienen. Nicole subsequently pursued her PhD under Professor Christophe Gaudin. Nicole’s PhD research focused on the investigation of active suction anchors for floating renewable energy systems.

Nicole: “I am so happy to have achieved this professional milestone in my life. It has been a real privilege to undertake research at UWA under Professor Christophe Gaudin, Director of COFS and the Wave Energy Research Centre and Head of the Oceans Graduate School. Working with the world-renowned Centrifuge was a highlight, where I worked alongside the best experts in the field. I am now focusing on working on subsea and onshore projects at Atteris where I work with a great team of engineering professionals.”