Closer industry collaboration key to public safety

New Australian research on transmission pipeline shore crossings will be incorporated into both the domestic and international industry Standards and has the added benefit of drawing together offshore and onshore pipeliners.


The Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre undertook this research to develop a guideline on the shore crossing, an area with potential for issues as pipelines cross from offshore to onshore.


In a paper presented today to the APGA 2016 Annual Convention and Exhibition in Perth, Atteris Managing Director Eric Jas said his experience in both offshore and onshore sectors made him aware of the differences between them in culture and approach.


He has spent much of the past several years working on drawing those two sides together, both in the development of the set of competency standards for offshore pipeline engineers and by being involved in the research into the shore crossing guideline.

“When you have an offshore oil or gas development with a transfer to shore, it’s one pipeline system but two industries, and that opens the possibility for problems,” Mr Jas said.