Award for Industry Collaboration

Atteris has been awarded the 2016 Subsea Energy Award for Industry Collaboration for the execution of the APGA Offshore Pipeline Engineering Competency Framework Project for the Australian oil and gas industry. This ground breaking work forms the foundation for a stronger pipeline industry in the future.


The collaboration involved 3 industry bodies (APGA, SUT and EA), 36 individuals, 21 companies and 5 independent consultants. The collaboration involved participation from Australia, USA and UK. All participants generously donated their time in-kind, which indicates the level of support for this project. This achievement demonstrates the importance of this work and that the industry can work together towards a common goal that is not bound by commercial interest.

Atteris thanks Subsea Energy Australia for the award, all those who nominated and voted for us and all the individuals and companies who chose to contribute to this work. In particular, we thank the core working group, who consistently dedicated their time every fortnight for 18 months. This team included Eric Jas, Allison Selman, Chris Harvey, Ian Wilson, Rodney Silberstein, Alan Gillen, Mark Donnelly and Chris Saunders.