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Campbell, D., Chamizo D., Modra, D., Jayewardene, I. (2012) “2D and 3D Physical Modelling of Current and Wave Interactions for Rock Berm Design”, Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering

Although empirical methods exist for the design of submerged rock berm structures, significant optimisation may be achieved through physical model testing. This paper outlines the 2D and 3D physical modelling undertaken to optimise the design berm dimensions and armour size for a berm structure require for protection of hydrocarbon pipelines. The return period conditions tested […]

Jas, E. Campbell, D., Ryan, J., White, D. (2011) “A fluid-pipe-soil Approach to Stability Design of Submarine Pipelines,”, Offshore Technology Conference 2011, Houston, (OTC)

The conventional approach to submarine pipeline stability design considers interactions between water and pipeline (fluid-pipe) and pipeline and seabed (pipe-soil). The seabed is typically assumed hydrodynamically stable in this approach. Interactions between the water and the seabed (fluid-soil) are generally considered only as an afterthought. A new approach for assessing the stability of submarine pipelines […]

Jas, E., Campbell, D., McMaster, S., (2011) “Pipeline Shore Approach Design – Case Study” 30th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, The Netherlands, American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

An insight is provided into the design of a large diameter high pressure gas pipeline shore approach for an LNG project off the coast of North Western Australia. The shore approach is located in a challenging and congested area, within one of Australia’s busiest ports. In close proximity to the pipeline route are two existing […]

Jas, E., Cheng, L., White, D., Palmer, A., Czajko, A., Fogliani, N., Fricke, R., Wei An, H., (2010) “A New Facility for Research on the Stability of Pipelines on Unstable Seabeds”, Offshore Pipeline Technology Conference 2010, Amsterdam, (OPT)

There is very strong evidence that in most locations the seabed becomes unstable and mobile before the design conditions for a submarine pipeline are reached. The conventional theory of stability takes the seabed as stable, and is therefore fundamentally flawed. This is an important issue for pipelines to the north-west of Australia, where violent tropical […]