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New DNVGL Recommended Practice: DNVGL-RP-F114

In May 2017, DNVGL introduced a new Recommended Practice DNVGL-RP-F114, with the main objective to provide guidance and recommendations on the evaluation of pipe-soil interaction and its application for various conditions experienced during the lifecycle of submarine a pipeline. The new DNVGL-RP-F114 supersedes the pipe-soil interaction guidance provided in the following: DNVGL-RP-F105 Free Spanning Pipelines […]

Nobody can do everything; we all can do something

Our world is continuously changing; everything is becoming faster paced by the day with the help of new technology as we are experiencing the 4th Industrial Revolution. With this inevitable progression comes additional pressure onto our natural environment. Technological development and environmental protection can go hand in hand, as long as we are considerate. Our […]

Revised Standard for Submarine Pipeline Systems DNVGL-ST-F101

Atteris congratulates DNV GL with the recent release of the revised Standard for Submarine Pipeline Systems DNVGL-ST-F101. It is the most used and recognized submarine pipeline system standard in the world and has been updated to reflect the latest pipeline research and developments by DNV GL and other leading industry players. The standard provides guidance […]

Atteris Establishes its Houston Office

Subsea and pipeline engineering firm Atteris is pleased to announce that its Houston based business, Atteris LLC, is now fully established. Operating out of Williams Tower, Post Oak Boulevard in Uptown Houston, Mark DelSota, an experienced offshore engineer, heads up the Atteris team to focus on meeting the needs of our clients in the Americas […]

Liam Moore Joins 2018 / 2019 SUT YES!

Congratulations to Atteris’ Subsea and Pipeline Engineer, Liam Moore. Having completed a successful first year in industry, Liam now joins the SUT’s YES committee to learn more about our industry and assist students and other young professionals in their chosen career path. Liam said, “I am very grateful to have been accepted onto the 2018 […]