Atteris Launches its Onshore Business Stream

Subsea and pipelines engineering services provider Atteris has officially launched its Onshore Business Stream. The team will be led by Principal Engineer Thomas Seeber, who has been with Atteris for 13 years. Based in Perth Western Australia, the Onshore Business Stream serves national and international pipeline owners, operators, and constructors.

Atteris has always performed engineering work for the onshore pipeline industry. This has predominantly been for complex areas in onshore pipeline routes, including shoreline crossings, river crossings, and escarpments. These can be difficult installations which often utilise trenchless designs.

Atteris General Manager, Dermot O’Brien, said: “A specific business stream for these types of projects provides more focus, and a dedicated team leader creates a single focal point for our clients.”

Thomas Seeber has developed a passion for the onshore pipeline sector: “I am excited about formalising this business stream because Atteris has so much expertise in this field; we always approach challenging crossings with pragmatism, yet due regard for the level of risk.”