Atteris and the University of Western Australia shortlisted for PIG Subsea Pipeline Technology Award

March 8th saw the 59th annual dinner take place for the Pipelines Industries Guild (PIG) (, London, United Kingdom.

The Guild’s Annual Dinner is the most widely recognised industry event for its members. To recognise significant advances in industry technology, the Pipelines Industries Guild organises 3 international technology awards: subsea, land-based, and utility pipelines. Entries are submitted annually and judged by an award panel on the following criteria:

  • Provide the industry with something it did not have before
  • Extend current technology
  • Provide possible future applications in cost reduction, improve safety, or environmental protection
  • Overcome a challenge in application on new or existing technology in a new or existing area
  • Provide a reason for the industry to change its modus operandi

Atteris, in partnership with the University of Western Australia, submitted an entry for the Subsea Technology Award for the design and delivery of the “O-Tube” flume facility. The industry available facility was designed with the primary objective to assess the stability of pipelines on mobile seabeds under steady and oscillatory flow storm conditions. No other such facility is in existence.

As ever, competition was high for the prestigious Subsea Pipeline Technology Award, with the O‑Tube narrowly missing out on top honours.

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O-Tube Facility

Model Pipeline Cross Section



Testing Results