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APGA Announces Tom Seeber as WA Chapter Committee Chair

The Australian Pipelines and Gas Association has just announced Atteris Lead Engineer Tom Seeber as the new Chair for the WA Chapter Committee. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6321119218544754688 The WA Chapter Committee are volunteers who meet every month to support the APGA secretariat in planning and coordination of APGA activities in WA. Tom has served on the committee for […]

A Special Recognition

It was that time of year again when Subsea Energy Australia (SEA) holds its annual Australian Subsea Industry Awards. As former winners of the Industry Collaboration Award, Atteris attended  the ceremony to support this years’ finalists. However, there was one little twist in the events proceedings. Unbeknown to Allison Selman, Atteris’ Integrity Management & Decommissioning […]

Atteris Shares Riser Expertise

Last week, Atteris’ lead engineer Celine Lanoelle shared her knowledge on Dynamic Riser Analysis at the Society for Underwater Technology’s Evening Technical Meeting (ETM). Celine’s breadth and depth of knowledge on the variety of riser types (flexible risers, top tension risers and steel catenary risers), has been gained through her extensive international experience. As well […]

Youssef, B., O’Brien, D. (2017) “On-Bottom Stability Analysis of Submarine Pipelines, Umbilicals and Cables Using 3D Dynamic Modelling”, Offshore Technology Conference 2017, Houston, (OTC)

Submarine pipelines and umbilicals are essential elements of many offshore hydrocarbon developments. In general, the most economical approach is to lay the pipelines and umbilicals directly on the seafloor with adequate self-weight to avoid any requirement to perform secondary stabilisation work such as trenching. A fundamental design requirement for this scenario is to ensure adequate […]

Pipeline Defect Assessment

In a perfect world, there should be no imperfections or defects…. and don’t we all wish we lived in a perfect world! Even before an asset is operational, imperfections or defects can be introduced during the manufacture, installation, pre‑commissioning, wet storing, and commissioning phases. Threats effecting both internal and external surfaces of a pipeline are […]